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Student leadership and voice

There are many opportunities at St Andrew's Cathedral School to develop and utilise leadership gifts.

From Junior School to Senior College, there are innumerable opportunities to be a leader, inside and outside of the classroom.

Junior School and Gawura Leadership

In the Junior School and Gawura, more than a dozen leadership positions are appointed to Year 6 students, following nomination, student speeches and a whole-year vote. These students hold important roles of community service and mentoring and they are role models to younger students.

Specific Junior School and Gawura Leadership positions include:

  • School Captain
  • Vice-Captain
  • House Captain
  • Drama Captain
  • Music Captain

However, by Year 6, all students will be natural leaders of the Junior School and Gawura student body.

Middle School Leadership

In Middle School, leaders are appointed in Year 9, following an application and interview process. “Middle School Leaders’ meet regularly with the Deputy Head of Middle School to discuss pertinent student issues, lead School functions and promote student lead initiatives. The team is assisted by a larger group of ‘Middle School Ambassadors’, who act as volunteers at major School functions and official occasions.

Senior College Leadership

In Senior College, Year 11 students can take part in the Peer Support programme, assisting Year 7 students in settling into high school.

By Year 12, every student is considered a leader and proudly wears a student leader badge on their blazer. In the July preceding Year 12, the School Leadership Team is announced. This allows the students to shadow the current team before taking office in Term 4. All Year 12 students are encouraged to become involved in the many projects developed by the team.

There are other leadership opportunities through the Student Representative Council (SRC).

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