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Approach to learning: Pedagogy

One of the School’s greatest strengths is the expertise of our teachers.

Teachers bring with them deep subject knowledge and experience and we continually train and coach them in the craft of the classroom, according to what the evidence tells us brings about the best learning outcomes for children and young people. Teachers set accurate levels of challenge in each lesson that further hone students’ character, enabling them to further rise to each challenge.

One of the school’s greatest strengths is the expertise of our teachers.

Critical to the success of a school is the place of teachers – we value our teachers as experts and masters of their craft, with deep subject and pedagogical knowledge. This is the bedrock of all that we do. 

Many of our teachers are invited to present at state and national educational conferences and professional associations, and as an educational leader, we hold conferences, host international experts and encourage thought leadership.

St Andrew’s Cathedral School supports teachers working towards accreditation as Conditional, Provisional, Proficient and Experienced Teachers through focused and in-depth bootcamps, Q&A sessions and ongoing professional learning experiences.

The School’s appraisal process ensures that staff plan their professional growth. Teachers use the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (APST) and advice from colleagues to identify and plan individual professional learning goals as well as ensure reflection on improving pedagogy. All teachers are annually appraised against the School Goals and are observed teaching their lessons once a semester through the Learning Walks observation method. These observations and collegial discussions and feedback contribute to the staff member’s reflection on the Appraisal process. 

Our Growth Coaching approach has proven to be an effective contributor to staff professional growth, staff collaboration and staff wellbeing. Our Learning Coaches use a range of coaching tools to support teachers from Kindergarten through to Year 12 to reflect on their teaching practice and develop a shared language of teaching.

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