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The Foundation anticipates and provides for the funding needs of our current and future students.

A message from the Chairman 

The St Andrew’s Cathedral School Foundation is the organisation through which financial support for our School is directed. The objective of the Foundation is to anticipate and provide for the funding needs of our students, now and in the future, which is over and above what is provided by school fees and government grants.

We recognise the necessity to plan and provide for the School’s future and ensure it remains a leader in education and are very grateful to the generosity of our donors who have contributed to building the great School we have today. We encourage you to contribute to the Foundation. Help build on the strong educational foundations of our School and donate here.

Peter Warne
St Andrew’s Cathedral School Foundation Ltd
ABN 16 001 943 826

The purpose of the Foundation

The Foundation actively manages a portfolio of investments and undertakes fundraising for scholarship funds and building funds, which include:

  • Building Fund
  • Gawura Foundation
  • Choristers and Creative Arts and Performing Arts Fund

All donations to these funds are tax deductible with ATO Tax Deductibility Recipient (DGR) status.

The Foundation also manages the Heath Bursary Fund, which is not Tax Deductible.

If you would like more information on the Foundation or any of its funds, please contact

Make a contribution

Each year, the St Andrew’s Cathedral School comes together on the last day of Term 2 to celebrate the School’s birthday and the students enjoy their traditional Gala Day fun. The Foundation runs their 24-hour Giving Day at the same time, as the wider school community comes together to support important school projects, such as First Nations scholarships, families in need and capital projects.

Gifts can transform our School. They are tax deductible and may be spread over several years. If you are interested in finding out how you can support St Andrew’s Cathedral School in a significant way, please contact We would be delighted to share more extensively with you our plans for the future and discuss with you how your philanthropic gift can support the School. You could choose to make your gift to the Building Fund or Gawura. All donations have a significant impact on the lives of our students.

St Andrew’s Cathedral School and Gawura are truly grateful to those whose vision and consideration through bequests, enables future generations of students at our Schools to benefit from their generosity. A bequest is a gift that is contained within a will and specifically reserves part of an estate for a particular beneficiary. It can be directed to a specific purpose or be left to the Head of School’s discretion. Either way you can be assured your bequest will benefit students tomorrow, just as you intend it to today. Your bequest can be modified at any time to reflect changes in your circumstances, and your assets remain in your control during your lifetime. If you would like to discuss making a bequest to either St Andrew’s Cathedral School or Gawura, please contact

The ongoing renewal of facilities cannot be achieved by school fees and government funding alone. It is achieved largely through donations. By giving a tax-deductible contribution when you pay your fees you can play a pivotal role in improving key facilities and supporting our students to be the best they can be. We ask K-11 families to contribute $175 per term and Year 12 families to contribute $235 (for three terms only) with their fees to support ongoing building projects.

St Andrew’s Cathedral School Foundation is delighted to be a member of the Australian Sports Foundation. This allows members of the community and supporters of sport at our school to make a tax-deductible donation. The St Andrew’s Cathedral School Sports Foundation has been formed to raise funds to promote the development of sport across all sports, all grades and for all students at St Andrew’s Cathedral School.

This Fund is designed to support St Andrew’s Cathedral School families in circumstances where their lives have been severely disrupted by illness or misadventure. Sometimes financial assistance is needed so students can continue their education at the School. Donations to this fund are not tax-deductible.