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Our students learn essential ICT skills at school, including familiarity with a range of devices, touch typing, file organisation as well as critical digital citizenship skills.

Technology plays a significant role in teaching and learning at St Andrew’s Cathedral School.

The School uses the Surface Pro 7 as a chosen device due to its flexibility as both a laptop and tablet, a high-quality lightweight but robust device, with a long battery life and it is well supported. Years 3-4 have access to Surface Pro 7 laptops in the classroom. A school-provided Laptop Programme for Years 5-11. By standardising on Surface Pro 7’s for students and teachers, we have a unified and streamlined teaching and learning environment, with Office 365 as the software foundation.

Our School Laptop Programme enables us to restrict access to websites and apps that detract from learning. The fleet benefit of having all students on the same device means there is less downtime and fewer cross-platform challenges with the use of hardware, software, and apps. The supply of the device and associated support components (security licences, web filtering, all technical support via the IT Helpdesk, and Accidental Damage Insurance) also provides good value for parents and carers.

Ultimately our students learn essential ICT skills at school, becoming familiar with using a mouse/trackpad and keyboard, filing systems and industry software, allowing them to develop skills in touch typing, file organisation as well as digital citizenship.

Students also have access to industry-standard software in all subject areas.

Schoology is our online Learning Management System which is also supported by the use of Microsoft Teams and One Note. These platforms enable students to communicate and discuss their work online with teachers and students as well as accessing resources, submitting work and receiving feedback. 

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