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Meet your 2023 Junior School and Gawura Captains


Meet our 2023 Junior School Captains Clementine Collier and Rafferty McGonigle and our Gawura Captain Winda Mumbulla. We asked them about their journey to leadership and what they are looking forward to this year.

What is your favourite thing about St Andrew’s Cathedral School?

R: My favourite thing is probably the community; everyone from Kindergarten to Year 6 spends time on the roof together, we all have assembly together and everything is done together as a group.

C: I also love the sense of community in the School and how everyone feels like they belong, and we all get along. 

W: I agree with Clementine and Rafferty, everyone interacts together across the different year groups and we all get along.

What do you think makes the School unique?

W: We have Gawura and that’s a really unique part of the school. We get to have lots of unique opportunities and experiences as a school together.

C: I think the way that we learn is unique because all the teachers have a different way of teaching or teach a different subject. We get to have different teachers for languages, music and sport and I think St Andrew’s is very good at choosing the right teachers for the students.

R: Our facilities are pretty unique; we have a playground on the roof which is definitely different to most schools. We also get to use lifts to get around the school.

Rafferty, Clementine and Winda are excited for the year ahead.

Why did you apply to be a school captain?

W: I’ve never led before or been in a leadership position. I have really enjoyed being a part of Gawura so I wanted to try something different and see how it would be to lead Gawura. Already we have had the chance to show new Kindergarten students around the school and help them get settled in, so I have really enjoyed that part of being Gawura captain.

R: My sister started at the School in the last term of Year 6 so she didn’t have the chance to be a part of the leadership team. So she encouraged me to think about being a leader and try out. I think it’s a great way to make the most out of our schooling and it will teach us important lessons about character and how to help people around the school.

C: I really admired the school captains and leadership team last year. I see it as a good opportunity to serve the school. I know that they’ve given so much to me and helped me grow so much so I want to be able to give back to the school.

What are you most excited for this year?

C: We have already had our commissioning and I especially loved wearing the robes – I was really excited to do that. I’m also looking forward to getting to know new students and working with the leadership team.

W: This year I am really excited about the Kirrikee camps and going to Canberra next week. I am also looking forward to meeting new people and having a new role in Year 6. Everyone in the leadership team gets along and I’m excited to work with them.

R: I’m excited to be a leader, I’ve never really had this experience before, so I think it’s a great opportunity to help people. I am also very excited to be going to Canberra next week – I’ve already packed my bag!