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Role of the School Council

The government and management of St Andrew’s and Gawura schools is overseen by the School Council, which has responsibility for:

  • Goal-setting and long term planning
  • Selection, appraisal and pastoral care for the Head of School
  • Budget control and financial management
  • Political matters, promotion and public relations
  • Finance: fee structure, fund-raising policy and government grants
  • Industrial relations: provision of remuneration and conditions
  • Provision of land, buildings and other capital improvements
  • Maintenance and provision of resources and equipment
  • Legal matters

School Council delegates authority to the Head of School to manage the daily operation of the school and the implementation of policy. It also delegates authority to committees to allow various matters to be researched and discussed prior to consideration by School Council.

School Council committees (not including those that are ad hoc in nature) are:

  • Strategy and Vision Committee
  • Finance and Risk Committee
  • School Governance Committee
  • Academic Improvement Board

Members of the School Council

Members of the St Andrew’s Cathedral School and Gawura School Council have been drawn from a cross-section of professional backgrounds. Each brings a unique set of skills to the school, reflecting the diversity of our student body. The appointed members on School Council and ex officio members include:

  • Mr Ray Jarratt (Chair of School Council, Chairman of Strategy and Vision Committee): Ray is a Strategic Planner and Website Developer.
  • Ms Felicity Brazel (Deputy Chair of School Council): Felicity is a current parent, operates an interior design business, and has previous career experience in investment management, economics and market research.
  • Rev Caitlyn Orr: She has worked as an Assistant Minister and enjoys ministering to young people. She also works part-time on Global Anglican Future Conference (GAFCON) matters.
  • Mr Marcus Judge: Marcus was a senior executive for a global financial institution and has over 20 years’ pro-bono experience in strategy, governance, financial management and leadership development.
  • Pastor Ray Minniecon: Ray is an Aboriginal Elder and the Community Pastor at St John’s Anglican Church, Glebe. He is the co-founder of Gawura School and is a consultant to many initiatives that support Aboriginal leadership and business initiatives.
  • Dr John Scott (Chairman of the Academic Improvement Board): John is a retired Principal of two Anglican schools in Sydney.
  • Dr Ben Waterhouse (Chairman of Finance and Risk Committee): Ben is a statistician and a St Andrew’s graduate from the early 1990s.
  • Dr Jillian Wheeler: Jill is a former school parent who works in private practice as a General Practitioner.
  • Caroline Clark: Caroline’s background is in the study of politics and theology.  She has worked in the finance sector and is currently a part time chaplain at Moore Theological College.  Caroline has four children at SACS spread across the Junior School, Middle School and Senior College.
  • Michael Gordon: Michael heads a functional unit at Citibank, and is a member of St Thomas’ Anglican Church North Sydney and is a Board Member of the Sudan Inland Mission. He is a SACS graduate, and has a son in Year 5 in our Junior School.
  • Canon Craig Roberts: Craig is CEO of Anglican Youthworks. He is an ordained minister and Chartered Accountant with over 15 years of school governance experience. He and his family attend Roseville Anglican Church.
  • The Rev Jim Crosweller: Jim is a current parent of the school and the Senior Minister at St John’s Maroubra Anglican Church.

Ex Officio Member

  • The Archbishop (President), the Most Reverend Kanishka Raffel

Members of St Andrew’s Cathedral School staff who attend Council Meetings

  • Dr John Collier (Head of School)
  • Dr Julie McGonigle (Deputy Head, Strategic Improvement)
  • Ms Nicola Warwick-Mayo (Executive Director of School Services)
  • Mr Brad Swibel (Deputy Head of School)
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