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Music students receive early offer to attend the ‘Con’


All of our Year 12 students who applied for early entry to attend Sydney University’s Conservatorium of Music in 2022 have been offered a place!

Maddie Olney at Showcase

There are eight students completing Music 2 as part of the HSC this year. Five of the eight have been offered early entry into the Conservatorium of Music which means every student who applied for a position has been successful. Three students have been accepted into the Conservatorium’s performance degree, one has been accepted into composition, and another into music education.

According to Dr Christian Watson (Director of Performing Arts) any student who wants to seriously pursue a career in music aims to be accepted into tertiary study at the Conservatorium.

“It requires 10+ years of expertise development in music and a constant focus on the goal to achieve what these students have done. They would have been aiming to achieve entry into the Con for years – similar to Olympic training selection,” he said.

“They are joining many SACS graduates already at the Con – we should open a branch of SACS there! We are extremely happy for these students and proud of their achievements.”

Trumpet player Maddie Olney has been offered a position to study a Bachelor of Music (Performance) and feels great relief at having already secured a position at a tertiary institution prior to the HSC exams.

“I’m absolutely stoked! The early offer came through before my trial examinations in late August. It was great to have the offer so early knowing I’ll be really happy if I choose to continue to pursue music long-term.”

The students gained their positions through the University of Sydney’s Creative Arts Special Admission Scheme (CASAS) which allows certain Arts degrees to open up places prior to the first official round of university offers.

Students are selected based on a portfolio of their work, their academic results from Year 11 and 12, and their predicted ATAR result. Congratulations to these Music students on their outstanding achievement.

A total of 110 early entry university offers have been made to 77 of our graduating Year 12 students in 2022. This is the highest number of offers received by a SACS Year 12 cohort at this point of the year.