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Best ever results by 2021 IB Diploma cohort


Another exceptional year for IB Diploma graduates

We are delighted to announce the outstanding results of our International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) 2021 cohort. They are the best IB Diploma results in the school’s history. An outstanding 14 per cent (out of a cohort of 44 students) achieved an ATAR over 99; 46 per cent achieved an ATAR over 95 and 80 per cent achieved an ATAR over 90. The average ATAR for the top 50 per cent of students was 97.3.

To read our IB Diploma summary highlights flyer, click here.

Duxes: Gemma Gardiner and Dylan Nguyen. Photo credit: SMH

Our IB Diploma duxes are Dylan Nguyen and Gemma Gardiner (pictured). Both achieved perfect scores of 45 out of 45 and an ATAR conversion of 99.95. For those unfamiliar with the IB Diploma, students study six subjects (three at Higher Level HL and three at Standard Level SL), which are each graded out of 7. They can then receive three additional points for the Extended Essay and Theory of Knowledge subjects, making a maximum grade point score of 45 (99.95 ATAR). This is the first time we have had students achieving 45 out 45 – a huge congratulations to Dylan and Gemma.

Dylan intends to pursue further study in computer science in either Australia or the United States and is awaiting results from a variety of scholarship applications. “I’m not sure where I might end up, but I’m likely to begin my studies at the University of NSW, UTS, ANU or the University of Melbourne,” he said.

Gemma is keen to stay close to home and has received a scholarship to Sydney University to study a combined law degree with either arts or science. “I’m not completely sure yet what I will do; I got an early offer from UTS to study a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Forensic Science, which I’m really interested in, but I’ll decide after the formal university offers come out,” she said.

Our average IB Diploma point score across all students is 37, which compares well to the world average of 29 – a wonderful outcome for our school.

Student ATARs above 90

NameIB DIploma scoreATAR conversion
Gemma Gardiner4599.95
Dylan Nguyen4599.95
Scout Hollyman4499.75
Honoka Kobayashi4399.45
Alexander Ringrose4399.45
Ella Colwell4299.1
Anna Riley4198.55
Lily Sowada Hicks4198.55
Thomas O’Keefe4097.9
Marc Delicado Corrons3997.1
Avani Fulivai3997.1
Adrick Lui3997.1
Lucy Maclean3997.1
Max Chong3896.25
Maria Delicado Corrons3896.25
Takuya Miyagawa3896.25
Oskar Stubbs3896.25
Gladys Turner3896.25
Saskia Cooper3795.2
Leo Kershaw3795.2
Imogen Este3693.9
Nicholas Findell-Aghnatios3693.9
Rowan Hassey3693.9
William Marshall3693.9
Finn McCluney3693.9
Jake Thompson3693.9
Morgan Au3592.6
Xianing Berroeta Tay3592.6
Ruby Moore3592.6
Aruna Qureshi3592.6
Jacob Rog3592.6
Ivy Swibel3592.6
Liam Donohoe3491.3
Samuel Lynch3491.3
Keshia Van Wachem34 91.3

Subject results

Across our 25 IB Diploma subjects and 39 courses, 63 per cent of grades were a 6 or a 7, which is an 8 per cent increase from last year (which was previously the best outcome in the school’s history) and 50 per cent of courses had a grade point average of 6 or above. The following individual courses achieved 100% Grade 7s or 100% Grade 6s and 7s: Design Tech SL, Japanese ab initio SL, Literature SL, Psychology SL, Physics HL, Theatre HL, French B HL and SL, Global Politics HL, Maths AA HL, Philosophy HL.

Other courses where students achieved a high percentage of Grade 6s and 7s (most of which also had large cohorts) were: Business Management HL, Biology HL, Computer Science HL, ESS, English Literature HL, English Language and Literature HL, History HL, Spanish B SL, Physics SL, Psychology HL.

The following courses improved their grade point average by more than a grade as compared to the average for the previous three years – an incredible journey of improvement: English Literature SL, Global Politics HL, Mathematics AA/AI HL, Physics HL, Psychology SL, Spanish B SL, Sports Ex Sci SL, Theatre HL, Visual Arts HL.

I am sure you will agree that there is so much to celebrate as a school community. These results are testament to our Director of Learning (IB Diploma) Mrs Sharon Munro who superbly leads and supports an expert team of IB teachers. Thanks must also go to our Head of Senior College Mr David Lindsay, Deputy Head of Senior College Mrs Sonia Witheridge, our Learning Analytics team Mr Garth Hasler and Mr Julian Lok, Heads of Department, Heads of House, counsellors, tutors, learning coaches and support and operations staff. We all know that this is a team effort that has taken place over many years.

To our IB Diploma graduates – congratulations, it’s been a long journey and we are very proud of you! We recognise the significant challenges that you have faced in 2021 and yet you overcame and excelled.

– Dr Julie McGonigle, Head of School