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Strong all-rounders a highlight of 2021 HSC cohort


The HSC results are in and we have so much to celebrate!

To view a printable snapshot summary of our HSC results, click here.

Our students have achieved some excellent results and personal achievements. Considering the challenges all students, staff (and their families) faced during both 2020 and 2021, this is an extremely satisfying outcome for students, parents and teachers. Some of the highlights are:


HSC Dux Tim Moore
  • Timothy Moore (pictured) – 98.9 ATAR

Full Marks (100%) in a subject:

  • Lillian Knox – Music 1
  • Justin Chen – Music Extension 

 NSW Premier’s List All-rounders  – those with 10 or more Units of Band 6:

  • Madeleine Olney
  • Timothy Moore

Top Achievers – those who finished in the top 10 in the subject in NSW:

  • Justin Chen for Music 2 (4th) and Music Extension (2nd)
  • Lillian Knox for Music 1 (4th)

Distinguished Achievers (number of Band 6 results achieved)

  • 91

Top performing students with ATARs above 90 

Please note: (The following have been received from students so far … ATAR results are voluntarily provided by students). The ATAR is a ranking number out of 99.95 in terms of place in the state, so an ATAR of 99 means the student is ranked in the top one per cent in NSW.

Timothy Moore98.9
Jarrod Choi97.8
Justin Chen97.05
Zachary Whetters96.35
Finn Howley96.1
Olivia Vouris96
Lucy Brownlie95.8
Lilian Knox95.55
Tom Baxter95.15
Maddie Olney95.05
Lara Davies94.85
Harry Windsor93.15
Flynn Collins92.8
William Varga92.5
Ben Wong92.25
Sasha Garland91.75
Isaak Choi91.7
Darcy Holmes90.8
Ana Dennis90.45

Students selected for NSW Showcase events for their major works

Art Express (selected to be exhibited at the Art Gallery of NSW, AGNSW, Tweed Regional Gallery and Margaret Olley Art Centre):

  • Alexander JanoyanWicked Anxiety/Servant Culture. 

ENCORE (Music 2 Performance at City Recital Hall on 21-22 February):

  • James StewartWhy God Why?

Students nominated for NSW Showcase events

ENCORE nominations 

  • Music Extension: Justin Chen, Performance, Viola Concerto1. Appassionato-Moderatio.
  • Music 2: Timothy Moore, Performance, Requiebros
  • Music 2: James Stitz, Composition
  • Music 2: Timothy Moore, Composition

OnSTAGE nominations

  • Individual project – Stage Design: Oliver Gallois
  • Individual performance: Lucy Brownlie, About a Goth
  • Individual performance: Matthew Gorey-Meekan, Rhinoceros
  • Individual performance: Olivia Vouris, Things I know to be True

SHAPE (Design and Technology) nomination:

  • Isaak Choi

SHAPE (Textiles and Design) nomination:

  • James Stewart

Subjects with 100 per cent of students in top two bands (5 and 6)

  • Aboriginal Studies
  • French Continuers
  • German Continuers
  • Japanese Beginners
  • Japanese Continuers
  • Music 1
  • Music 2
  • Music Extension
  • Science Extension
  • Spanish Beginners
  • Spanish Extension

Other high performing subjects (50-99 per cent of students in the top two bands)

  • Design and Technology
  • Drama
  • English Advanced
  • English Extension 1 and 2
  • Geography
  • History Extension
  • Legal Studies
  • Textiles and Design
  • Visual Arts
  • Chinese Continuers

Most improved subjects (against a three-year average)

  • Science Extension
  • Spanish Continuers and Beginners

I’d like to acknowledge all the HSC teachers of our 2021 cohort who, like the students they taught, faced a lot of adversity in these last two years. We know that behind each set of results (whether they feature in the headlines above or not) there are stories of courage, persistence, ingenuity and sheer grit by both teachers and students. I am also thankful to Mr David Lindsay and the Senior College team and, in particular, Eleni Tatsis our Director of Learning – Senior College and to our exceptionally talented and hard-working Heads of Department, who live every step of the journey with each class that graduates in their subject.

– Dr Julie McGonigle, Head of School