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HSC students hit high note


The HSC results are in and we have so much to celebrate!

Our students have achieved some excellent results and personal achievements. Considering the challenges and disruptions all students, staff (and their families) faced over the past two years, this is an extremely satisfying outcome for students, parents and teachers. Some of the highlights of the cohort are:

HSC Dux Ben Clark

HSC Dux:

  • Benjamin Clark – 99.00

First in the State:

  • Benjamin Clark – German Continuers

NSW Premier’s List All-rounders  – those with 10 or more Units of Band 6:

  • Angela Bajic

Top Achievers – those who finished in the top 10 in an HSC subject:

  • Bronte Critchley – Studies of Religion I
  • Georgia Taplin – Business Studies

Year 12 HSC students who are on the distinguished achievers’ list:

  • 31%
To read or print out our HSC summary highlights flyer, click here.

Top performing students

Please note: (The following have been received from students so far … ATAR results are voluntarily provided by students). The ATAR is a ranking number out of 99.95 in terms of place in the state, so an ATAR of 99 means the student is ranked in the top one per cent in NSW.

Benjamin Clark99.00
Miriam Sholl98.75
Vanessa Thill97.95
Angela Bajic97.85
Peng Lin97.65
Eriko Miyagawa97.45
Abigail Gillman96.8
Name withheld 96.65
Jack Lanchester96.35
Georgia Taplin96.15
Finley Ellis95.00
Samuel Smith94.20
Name withheld93.80
Nathan Deng92.95
Max Margarian92.15
Holly Hughes91.75
Lucia Bromwich91.65
Callum Treanor91.25
Zach Kaplan91.20
Oliver Kwong91.10
Name withheld 90.55
Ricky Ma90.40
Emma Spark90.25

Students nominated for NSW Showcase events

Art Express

  • Visual Arts: Carysse Evans, The Life of the Forest (Virtual Exhibition VX, The Armory, Sydney Olympic Park SOPA)
  • Visual Arts: Songtham Setthasit, The Thread to the Heart is woven through the Stomach (The Armory, Sydney Olympic Park SOPA, Hawkesbury Regional Art Gallery)


  • Industrial Design: Rory Matheson, Rocking horse


Music 2: Eriko Miyagawa on Piano

Below is a video excerpt of Eriko performing at our Showcase Concert with our Symphony Orchestra.

Year 12 HSC Music 2 student Eriko Miyagawa plays Chopin’s Piano Concerto No.1 in E minor, Op.11 with the School’s Symphony Orchestra at the 2022 Showcase Concert at Sydney Town Hall.

Subjects with 100 per cent of students in top two bands (5 and 6)

  • Design and Technology
  • English Extension 2
  • History Extension
  • Music 1
  • Music 2
  • Music Extension
  • Visual Arts
  • French Continuers
  • French Extension
  • German Continuers
  • Italian Continuers
  • Spanish Continuers
  • Spanish Extension

Congratulations HSC 2022 graduates! We are so proud of you. You faced adversity and yet overcame. You not only achieved qualifications; you grew in character, perhaps even more so than those that went before, due to the interruptions you faced and the agility and patience you had to show. You, your parents and we as staff, all know that behind each set of results (whether they feature in the headlines above or not) there are stories of courage, persistence, ingenuity and sheer grit.

– Dr Julie McGonigle, Head of School