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Historic HSC success


St Andrew’s Cathedral School is celebrating its best HSC results in the School’s history with the largest cohort of students.

Creative subjects led the charge on high attainment this year, with Drama, Music, Visual Arts and the Design Technology suite of subjects attaining almost 100% Band 5s and 6s in all of their courses. These subjects also attained our record breaking 26 showcase nominations. Our 2023 Year 12 cohort have shown diverse creative drive for many years and we are thrilled that this is being recognised in the HSC.

Here are just some of the highlights.

NSW Premier’s List All-rounders (i.e., those with 10 or more Units of Band 6):

1.Bronte Critchley

2.Catherine Dennis

3.Brian Wifanie

4.Name withheld

Top Achievers (i.e., top 10 in the State for an individual subject):

Catherine Dennis – English Extension 2

% of Yr 12 HSC students who are on the Distinguished Achievers’ List: 42%

Students with ATARs above 90

SurnameFirst nameATAR
Name withheld99.6
Name withheld94.5
Name withheld94.4
Name withheld93.95
Name withheld91.05
Name withheld90.35
Name withheld90.1

Outstanding individual marks in Courses marked out of 100:

Student NameHSC_CourseHSC Mark
Wifanie, Brian2 unit Chinese Continuers98
2 unit Visual Arts97
2 unit Mathematics Advanced96
Name withheld  2 unit Ancient History97
2 unit Mathematics Advanced97
2 unit English Advanced96
Eck, Dashel1 unit Music Extension98
2 unit Music 295
Hodgson, Rory1 unit Music Extension98
Dennis, Catherine  2 unit Mathematics Advanced98
2 unit Ancient History97
2 unit Biology96
2 unit English Advanced95
Elgar, Natalia2 unit Music 195
Critchley, Bronte2 unit Ancient History95
2 unit Biology95
2 unit Mathematics Advanced95
Steele, Jemima2 unit Visual Arts96
Name withheld2 unit Music 198
Lamaro, Bianca2 unit Mathematics Standard 295
Qureshi, Imani2 unit Business Studies97
Phoon, Olivia2 unit Visual Arts97
McDermott, Max2 unit Mathematics Standard 298
Kelsey, Peter2 unit Textiles and Design96
Name withheld2 unit Visual Arts95
Agnew, Finnian2 unit Textiles and Design96
Morrison, Liv2 unit Visual Arts98
Diaz, Emma1 unit Music Extension98
Name withheld2 unit Visual Arts97
Donohoe, Ellie2 unit Music 196

Outstanding individual marks in courses marked out of 50:

Student NameHSC_CourseHSC Mark
Wifanie, Brian1 unit English Extension 148
Name Withheld1 unit English Extension 148
1 unit English Extension 248
1 unit History Extension48
Eck, Dashel1 unit English Extension 247
1 unit English Extension 146
Carson, Kyle1 unit English Extension 146
Dennis, Catherine1 unit English Extension 250
1 unit English Extension 149
1 unit History Extension47
Elgar, Natalia1 unit English Extension 145
Critchley, Bronte1 unit English Extension 148
1 unit English Extension 248
1 unit History Extension47
Name Withheld1 unit English Extension 145
Lamaro, Bianca1 unit History Extension47
1 unit English Extension 146
1 unit English Extension 245
Qureshi, Imani1 unit English Extension 146
Choi, Cecilia1 unit English Extension 147
Soni, Vanshika1 unit History Extension46
Jackson, Tessa1 unit English Extension 145
McDermott, Max1 unit English Extension 148
1 unit English Extension 246
Name Withheld1 unit English Extension 145
Name Withheld1 unit English Extension 146
Frood, Islay1 unit English Extension 146
Van Der Merwe, Scout1 unit English Extension 246
1 unit English Extension 145
Kyriazis, Estelle1 unit English Extension 147
1 unit English Extension 246
Morrison, Liv1 unit English Extension 148
Thompson, Mary1 unit Mathematics Extension 146
Carson, Charlie1 unit English Extension 145
Mildenhall, Isobel1 unit English Extension 146

Head of School Dr Julie McGonigle expressed the School’s pride in the HSC 2023 graduates.

We are so proud of you,” she said. “You faced adversity and yet overcame. You not only achieved an excellent set of qualifications, you grew in courage, expertise and wisdom. You, your parents and we as staff, all know that behind each set of results (whether they feature in the headlines above or not) there are stories of persistence, ingenuity and sheer grit.”

We look forward to celebrating the International Baccalaureate Diploma (IBDP) results which will be released on 3 January 2024.