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Painted journeys: a new rooftop mural


On the rooftop at St Andrew’s Cathedral School two artists have deftly brought a mural to life, full of bold shapes and colours. Siblings Sonny (OA2012) and Sadie Green (OA2021) are alumni of both Gawura and St Andrew’s Cathedral School and now run a creative studio, Original Legacy, with two other Old Andreans.

They were commissioned to do the mural at the School which is made up of two different works of art. The half closest to the canteen depicts traditional food sources such as kangaroo, emu and yams, all done in rich earth colours.

The other half evokes the coast with light blues and whites and is full of local Sydney floral imagery.  Overall, this part of the work represents the journey of growth for Gawura and St Andrew’s Cathedral School communities over the years. The human footprints move from one campsite to another, representing the story of Gawura from its inception to where it is now.  Linking both halves of the mural are kangaroo tracks.

Rivers in Indigenous art can often be shown as a way of passing on knowledge, flowing from one area to another. In this mural, the rivers are representative of the St Andrew’s Cathedral School community: growing, learning and adapting over time. 

Sonny and Sadie are Gamilaroi people and their family originates from Moree and Brewarrina.  Sadie was one of the longest attending Gawura students from K-12. Sonny was at the School Years 8-12.