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Learning first-hand what makes robots tick


About 30 students and teachers from St Andrews Cathedral School visited the Mushiny Robotics Australia facility in Sydney to explore the robots and associated systems. They were able to pull apart robots – and in the process get a nuts and bolts view of real robot technology that is used in the real world

Mr. Byron Patching, one of the Directors of Mushiny Australia, said the students learned about robots, the associated technology and how robots navigate and protect themselves working in warehouses around the world.

“It was a great chance for the students to get involved in this next wave of technology,” he said.

 Mr.Krys Bacewicz,Head of Technological and Applied Studies (TAS) at St Andrew’s Cathedral School said the day was a very interactive experience.

“It really gives a lot of clarity for the students to see what they have been learning about being used in the real world,” he said. “It was helpful for the students to consider their own career direction as they were able to see possibilities within the mechatronics/robotics space.

There were two types of activities with teams of students disassembling and putting them back together (actually the harder part!). They were also able to work with the system that the robots operate on in warehouses.

Year 9 student, Kate, said it was fun to be involved in hands on projects.

“Because of that, we could more fully understand what we were learning,” she said.