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St Andrew’s Cathedral School Parents and Friends

The SACS Association of Parents and Friends (P&F) is a vibrant group of parents and guardians who are committed to building a strong school community, and to raising additional funds to support our school and students. The P&F hold a number of community (friend-raising) and fundraising events throughout the year.

Events for the whole school

The P&F organises a number of fun events during the school year. We have a busy calendar for 2019, with a number of community and fundraising events. (Please check the website and P&F newsletter throughout the year for more detailed event information).

2019 events

  • 29 Jan – Welcome in the Square – K, Yr 7, Y12
  • 30 Jan – Welcome in the Square – Years 1-6, 8-11
  • 19 Feb – P&F General Meeting (Wine and Cheese Night)
  • 1 Mar – Junior School Parent Social
  • 12 Mar – P&F General Meeting
  • 16 Mar – Kirrikee Picnic Day
  • 30 Mar – Football Launch and BBQ
  • 14 May – P&F General Meeting
  • 18 May – Trivia Night 
  • 4 Jun – P&F General Meeting
  • 7 Jun – Junior School and Gawura Grandparents’ Day
  • 11 Jun – Secondary Grandparents’ Day
  • 22 Jun – Kundayi Memorial Sports Round
  • 28 Jun – Gala Day
  • 13 Aug – P&F General Meeting
  • 10 Sep – P&F General Meeting
  • 29 Oct – P&F General Meeting
  • 9 Nov – Christmas Wine and Food Show
  • 19 Nov – P&F Annual General Meeting

General meetings 

The P&F meet regularly across the year and all our parents and carers are encouraged to attend. These meetings are a great opportunity to gain an insight into what is happening at the school. Matters as diverse as curriculum, student welfare, development at the school and topical issues of the day that affect our school and community are addressed by the Head of School or special guests.

The P&F meetings are held throughout the year on Tuesday nights at 6pm in the Community Hub on Level 4, St Andrew’s House.

Please see agendas and minutes of meetings at the bottom of the page.

Year group functions

The P&F also supports get-togethers and functions for each year group. These gatherings are organised by our Parent Convenors and provide opportunities for parents to meet informally, develop friendships and link with other families. These social events are vital in a School that draws students from over 200 postcodes around Sydney.


As a fundraising entity, the P&F has previously raised funds for a school bus, portable stage, Chapter House, Kirrikee, audio-visual equipment and a range of educational items, student welfare initiatives and facilities. All parents are encouraged to pay a small membership fee of $80 to the Association to offset administrative costs.

The work of the P&F relies completely on the input of volunteers drawn from the school community.

Many warm, lifelong friendships are made, not only among the students of SACS, but also within the parent community through their involvement in the P&F and its fundraising.

We look forward to welcoming you and getting to know you.


P&F Executive 

Member Position
Mr Ross Cameron President
Ms Helen Carson Vice President
Ms Nicole Overton Treasurer
Ms Danelle Denny Secretary
Mr Michael Pain  Executive
Ms Sally Sternecker  Executive & Parent Convenor Support


P&F Sustainable School Shop

What Is It?

Sustainable School Shop is an initiative that has been implemented by the SACS P&F Association. It is an online platform that assists parents and carers to act in a sustainable manner when sourcing resources for their child’s school. Through this platform, all parents and carers can register and then sell and purchase second hand school equipment such as musical instruments, sport equipment, outdoor education requirements etc. You will be able to see items available for sale not only within the SACS community, but also within your local geographic area.


How Much Does It Cost?

There is no cost to our individual SACS families. The P&F have purchased a school’s subscription for all our SACS families.


What Can I Buy and Sell?

You can buy and sell anything related to school activities – outdoor education equipment, sports equipment, musical instruments, sheet music, music exam books etc.


Why Can’t I See Any Second Hand Uniforms?

The school has asked that all transactions in regards to uniforms be completed through the School’s Uniform Shop. You can find the link to the school’s Uniform Store here: Foundation Uniform Store


How Do I Register?

It couldn’t be easier.

  1. Go to
  2. Fill in your details
  3. Enter St Andrews Cathedral School into the box asking “Enter Schools Name”
  4. Click on ‘Register Now’ button
  5. You will receive an email with login details
  6. Follow email directions and you are registered!


What If I Need Help?

Go straight to Sustainable School Shop –  they have excellent support available. Simply click here to contact them: Contact Sustainable School Shop


Contact us

If you would like to find out more about our activities or support the P&F, please come along to one of our meetings or contact us via email at:  P&[email protected]


File Download:

2019 P&F GM Agenda 10 September

2019 P&F GM Minutes 13 August DRAFT

2019 P&F GM Agenda 13 August

2019 P&F GM Agenda 4 June 2019  –   MEETING POSPONED, Date to be advised – Agenda to be updated

2019 P&F GM Minutes 14 May

P&F GM Agenda 14 May 2019

2019 P&F GM Minutes 9 April 2019

P&F GM Agenda 9 April 2019

P&F GM Minutes 12 March 2019

P&F Agenda 12 March 2019

P&F GM Minutes 19 February 2019

P&F GM Agenda 19 February 2019

P&F GM Minutes – 27 November 2018

P&F GM Agenda – 27 November 2018

P&F GM Draft Minutes 23 October 2018 

P&F GM Agenda – 23 October 2018

P&F GM Minutes – 18 September 2018

P&F GM Agenda – 18 September 2018

P&F Subcommittee Guidelines

P&F GM Minutes – 14 August 2018

P&F GM Agenda – 14 August 2018

P&F GM Minutes – 12 June 2018

P&F GM Agenda 12 June 2018

P&F GM Minutes – 15 May 2018

P&F GM Agenda 15 May – 2018

P&F GM Minutes – 13 March 2018

P&F GM Agenda – 13 March 2018

P&F GM Minutes –  20 February 2018

P&F GM Agenda – 20 February 2018

P&F AGM Minutes – 21 November 2017