Student Leadership Team 2019-2020

School Captains

Freya Leach
Harry Carson

Vice Captains

Keziah Bailey
Cooper Crellin


Conor Magee
Isabella Harricks
Olivia Hayes
Hugo Sebesta
Matthew Catanzariti
Jason Inglezos

Sport Captains

Olivia Thill
Matthew Butler

Drama Captain

Josh Dimattina-Beven

Music Captain

Natalie Newman

Community Service Captain

Khulan Torng

House Captains


Noah Stael


Angelina Farag


Rory McClelland


Jess Luff

St Paul’s

Eleni Newbury


Hope Stevenson


Hayley Reynolds


Nick Overton

Meet our school captains for 2019-2020

Meet Freya Leach and Harry Carson, our school captains for 2019-2020. They’re part of a team of 23 students chosen to represent the student community. Anthony Segaert spoke to them about their hopes for the year.

Why did you apply to be school captains?

Freya: I’ve been at SACS since Year 7, and it’s a very unique school and I love it a lot. I’ve always gravitated towards leadership positions and I really enjoy them. I love the traditions we have built over 130+ years and it would be fun!

Harry: Since Middle School, I’ve always looked up to the school’s leaders. To the school which has given so much to me, I wanted to give back, and help Middle School students to do the right thing and have someone to look up to and be a role model for.


Harry: Everyone has told us that the first term is just super busy. But we haven’t had too much to do so far, though I’m not looking forward to the more hectic weeks and terms to come. But I’ve really enjoyed it so far, and having everyone around the school know who you are makes it so much easier to build relationships with students in younger years. You’re in a role where you can actually make friends with younger years, you can’t do that in any other position.

Freya: I’ve found it really fun! The robes are exciting, and we had to ring the bell at the Year 12 Valedictory! I feel like we’ve been exposed to so many new and different and exciting opportunities that we wouldn’t have gotten otherwise and it’s been great.

how do you make everyone feel like they have a part to play?

Harry: I think one of the big things is building relationships with younger years and them seeing what is possible when you do get involved. Additionally, it involves creating opportunities for people who may not want to be involved in major co-curriculars, and giving them opportunities to join clubs around the school and to excel in areas they love.

Freya: Real change happens through relationships. They’re so powerful to build people up and bring them along. We are leading from the front but also from the back. We’re supporting Junior School and Middle School and Senior School, and we’re supporting community. Those relationships have been, and are going to be, vital in helping people remember they’re part of something special.

That’s a pretty big responsibility. How do you go about handling that?

Freya: We have a pretty great team. One of the first things Dr Collier said to us at the breakfast where we found out our positions was, ‘don’t forget to delegate.’ I’ve found that to be very true. There are only two captains, but 22 of us on the team. It always works better when you do it as a team. Getting the whole team involved so that they remember that they are valued members of the team also is important.

Harry: I also think that doing some initiatives that get us around people in the Junior and Middle Schools has been really important in that. It helps them to get involved and and get the school community around each other.

Freya: It’s also pretty much impossible for the two of us to have a relationship with the over 1,000 students at school (unless you’re Dr Collier!). We’re part of a team to build relationships with people.