Student Leadership Team 2017

School Captains

Samantha Backler
Noah Oshiro

Vice Captains

Jessica Jenner
Christopher Mildenhall


Susan Douglas
Lily Alves
Alexander Stefas
Louis Sheffield
Angus Hook

Sport Captains

Beth Sanderson
Jonah Van Wachem

Drama Captain

Kathleen Thomas

Music Captain

Ava Stael

Community Service

Isabella Balchin

Cru Captain

Greta Pigott

House Captains


George Cowan


Antonia Dou


Jack Hayes


Camille Jackson

St Paul’s

Luisa Bartsch


Zack Bailey


Caitlyn Tan


Rachel Nixon

Meet our Senior school captains for 2017-2018

We spoke to the 2017-18 school captains Noah Oshiro and Samantha Backler and asked them some questions about their role, their interests and future ambitions.

Words by Lucy Robson

Why did you choose to apply to be school captain

Noah: Coming up through SACS Junior School myself, I feel that the SACS culture and spirit is part of my blood, which helps me feel a strong connection and passion when serving and giving back to the SACS community. Looking back on some of the past leadership teams during my time at SACS, I believe passion and love for the school is what drives leaders to have a positive influence, benefiting both the students as well as the whole SACS community.

Samantha: I wanted to serve the school community and give back to the school that has given me so many opportunities. I feel very passionate about SACS and its community. I love the inclusiveness and the supportive relationships we have with our teachers and I want to do anything I can to make it stronger and improve school life for other students. The school has provided me with a sense of belonging and I want to foster that among the wider student body.

What variety of things will you be doing as school captains?

Noah: As well as continuing the activities and helping in the performing arts and sports, I love working with the younger ones, so being in this position I’m hoping to get down to the Junior School more often to help with the activities (especially music) and with the weekly Junior School gatherings. Hopefully throughout the year we can encourage and increase the number of seniors helping out in the Junior School. That is one of the things I am looking forward to.

Samantha: I will be representing the school at a variety of different events and work with the marketing department to showcase all the amazing attributes of our school. I will be making speeches and giving school tours to parents. Part of the role is to act as a link, communicating with students, teachers and the school’s leadership, as well as working with the other student leaders to support them in their roles.

What do you most want to achieve in the role?

Noah: A key part of what makes SACS is the community and the culture. Building on the awesome community vibe here at SACS, I think reaching out more to the wider community, SACS Junior School and to parents from the student body will hopefully allow the parents and the wider community to feel comfortable and passionate in getting involved in the many events and activities we have at SACS.

Samantha: My aim is to be someone the other students can relate to who demonstrates the best attributes of the school. I would like to achieve great relationships with students, teachers and school leadership and embody the Christian ethos of the school. I will strive to improve school spirit and inspire and instill pride in the school amongst the students.

What are your personal interests inside and outside of school?

Noah: There are quite a few things I love doing. I’m a massive footy head and a muso, although music probably does play a bigger role in my life. I just love everything about it, whether that’s playing, watching or listening to some jazz with mates while barbequing. Another thing I love is drama, which happens to be my favourite subject, which I don’t do so much outside of school. Those are the few things I love doing to relax and to release stress.

Samantha: Outside of school I really enjoy participating in sport; it’s a really great way to stay healthy and also take a break to relieve the stress of school work. I play hockey for both the school and a club, as well as water polo, basketball and athletics. These sports are great because they require dedication, commitment and I enjoy the comradery that grows within a team. Sport gives me a rest from schoolwork, but the skills I gain from sport can also be applied within an academic setting, where cooperation with others, dedication and goal setting are also essential.

What academic subjects are you studying?

Noah: I’m currently doing Drama, Music 2, PDHPE, English Advanced, General Maths and OHS German Beginners, which I will be dropping to pick up music extension for Year 12.

Samantha: As part of the International Baccalaureate Diploma, I am studying Higher Level Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Psychology, as well as Standard Level Literature and ab initio Spanish.

Have you got any thoughts on what you’ll do after Year 12?

Noah: I’m sure music will play some sort of role in my life. At the moment I’m hoping to get into the Sydney Conservatorium of Music to study music performance or music education. Working with young students is something that I’ve always enjoyed, so I’ll probably be going down the path of teaching whether that’s private tuition, classroom teaching or coaching.

Samantha: I have a particular interest in Science and Mathematics and I am really enjoying these classes at school. In the future I would like to continue studying in this field because I find it challenging and interesting and I think it could lead to a career which could have a positive impact on society.