St Andrew’s is an inclusive school that respects and welcomes students of all faiths. We are also a school founded on principles of Christianity, and enjoy a positive relationship with St Andrew’s Cathedral.

The Chaplaincy Department has two core aims: providing opportunities for students and staff to connect with the Christian faith, as well as opportunities for all students, regardless of their personal faith, to serve the broader community through a range of programs.

We encourage students to think critically and seriously about higher order issues of a philosophical nature. We also want them to develop a deep respect and love for those who think and believe differently to them.

Many students at St Andrew's do choose to profess their Christian faith and we seek to provide a supporting and encouraging environment where they can grow in their trust of Jesus as Lord. Students are invited to join one of the many age-based Cru groups at the school and attend a Christian camp (see below).

Chapel Services at SACS

Chapel at St Andrew’s is an integral part of our flourishing school community – a time for whole year groups to come together in respectful and engaging discussion. Chapel sessions are conducted on a weekly basis in the Cathedral’s historic Chapter House, with different sessions catering to the age-levels of students.

Through Chapel, St Andrew’s aims to grow our students in character, present the Christian message to them and grow their skills in serving others, with opportunities for Houses to connect with charities.

Typical chapel services last 25 minutes and include:

  • Singing led by a year group Chapel band
  • Prayer for important issues in students’ lives, their school and the broader community.
  • A 10-12 minute talk based on a section of the Bible or relevant topics given by the Chaplaincy team, a teacher or guest speaker
  • Student community-building activities 

Other chaplaincy programs


Crusaders or ‘Cru’ is the name of our popular voluntary Christian programme. The name recognises SACS’ affiliation with the organisation Crusaders who, since 1930, have been working in Independent Schools of NSW to share the gospel with young people.

We have two Cru groups in the Junior School, six in the Middle School and six in the Senior College. The groups in the Senior School are year and gender-based, however, for the first few weeks each term in the Senior College we meet as a combined group for BIG Cru.  Under the guidance of Christian staff and other students, Cru attendees meet to study God’s word, to have fun, to ask questions and to encourage one another – all in tailored, age appropriate formats.

Crusader Leadership

Students in Years 11 and 12 are given the opportunity to lead Middle School Cru Groups as well as organising Big Cru and Inter-School Cru events. These students meet to eat breakfast, pray, study God’s word, learn more about godly leadership and share their experiences of serving others.

The Ledge Camp

The Ledge caters for students in Years 7-9. Many Christian staff volunteer to lead the camp, as well as several Year 11 students who assist in its daily running (these students have received training in Christian Ministry through the Crusader Leadership programme). Campers stay together for a weekend and explore what it means to be God’s people. Each day, in addition to exciting outdoor activities, there are times of singing, prayer, Bible reading, teaching and small group discussions.

The Edge Camp

The Edge camp runs for students in Years 10-12, and is led by Christian staff across the school who take part voluntarily, many with strong experience in leading Christian camps. It is a time of growth and camaraderie, it consists of: Bible talks, conversations, singing, games, study sessions (optional), sport, prayer, food and fellowship.


The Chaplaincy Department at St Andrew’s Cathedral School liases with a number of other outward looking service programmes in the city and overseas, including Rough Edges (a place for disadvantaged and homeless in the inner city), Fiji Goodworks Project, Anglican Aid, Kundayi Chiundiza and Petra Schools in Zimbabwe. It works alongside the School houses in encouraging students to care for and serve our city and world.

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