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Luke Campbell: The skills for problem-solving and tech development


Luke has always had a passion for technology but never had the capacity to fully follow that interest until he had access to the high tech tools at St Andrew’s Cathedral School. “I designed a device that would display a real-time timetable on a little LED screen. It was so useful!” he said.

What was your favourite part of St Andrew’s Cathedral School?

It would have to be the music. I originally came to the School because of the music program, so being in ensembles, the learning, the opportunities and the friendships were the things I’ve loved most.

Music isn’t your only passion …

No! I’ve always been passionate about technology, but I never really had the capability to do anything with that interest. However, when I came to the School, I had much greater access to tools – from 3D printers and laser cutters – plus the expertise of the teachers to teach me the skills I needed to use them.

“At St Andrew’s Cathedral School, I had much greater access to the right tools … plus the expertise to teach me to use them.”

Tell us about what you did with those skills?

I found I was always late to class as I needed to go back to my laptop to figure out where my next class was. So, I designed a device that would display a real-time timetable on a little LED screen. It was so useful! This was just one of the pieces of technology I designed.

What did you explore for Software Design and Development?

I created a major work, which was focused on the frustration I had with coding languages. The primary language I program in is Python, and while there are programmes to do graphical interface work with Python, they are quite limited. So I attempted to create a programme that solved this, almost like a library or a translator.

How do you think you’ll take these skills into your future?

I’ve always wanted to go into engineering, but these types of projects have shown me that I want to specialise in products, ideally to build engines. I’d like to study this at the University of Tasmania, because I love bushwalking, and that’s where some of the best bushwalks are in Australia.