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Jade Park: Nerves no barrier to a love for musical performance


Jade has been a stellar music talent at the School, performing in both the Classical and Jazz Orchestras. She has recently been offered a place at the Royal College of Music (RCM) London – with a full scholarship from the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM). The ABRSM scholarships are among the most prestigious offered by RCM and Jade will be the only undergraduate ABRSM scholar.

What was your favourite memory at St Andrew’s Cathedral School?

It’s not a memory, it’s more of a feeling and it’s the culture. I started in Year 11, and I was so surprised by the culture and the community. It was so different to all the schools I’d been to in the past. Everything felt so natural and welcoming.

Tell us about your musical career.

I have been playing the trumpet since I was three! I was part of a range of ensembles at St Andrew’s Cathedral School. My favourite was the symphony orchestra, because I love classical music, but also the jazz orchestra, because it was so much fun!

You have performed around the world. How do you manage your nerves?

I feel that nerves are inevitable. But I try to think that instead of being nervous, I’m actually excited. The symptoms are the same – it’s just mindset. So I have a rule. I am strict with myself while practicing but I forgive myself while performing. I never regret anything I do on stage, because I know that in the lead up, I have tried my best. It takes that weight off my shoulders. Plus, I have had very supportive parents and teachers who have helped me.

What was your favourite subject?

I have two – Sports Science and Japanese. They were really different, but I learned so much. I found them fascinating in every single lesson.