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What makes SACS different

St Andrew’s Cathedral School
(SACS) is a place unlike others.

Since 1885 – for more than 130 years – we have been Sydney’s quintessential city school, a place as diverse, changing and future-focused as the CBD that surrounds us. Fully coeducational from Kindergarten to Year 12, we have an inclusive admission policy that seeks to enable each student to reach their academic potential.

“We chose to come to St Andrew’s because it has a strong history and an ethos of diversity and cultural authenticity, with students from all religions and races respected.” – SACS parent

“Unlike many other schools we are not limited by our location, our opportunities are bigger. An excursion starts when we walk out the front doors.” – Former student

Education of heart and mind

With the firm grounding of a Christian culture of care, students at St Andrew’s are encouraged to grow in both heart and mind, embracing the future with a global outlook and classrooms equipped with learning technology. We are Christian in action, not just in words, providing a positive and caring learning hub that sees every student known, nurtured and empowered. Relationships formed at SACS are often lifelong – our Old Andreans’ Association holds annual events to connect former students and former students often return, following tertiary studies, to join our staff.

A school
in the heart
of the city.

A city school

Learning in the heart of one of the world’s greatest cities gives students the advantage they need to move confidently into the future and make a significant contribution to the world in the city of Sydney or in cities around the globe.

The school’s city location provides students with the ideal environment to engage in learning that is significant, challenging, networked and future-focused.


In the heart of Sydney students learn to:

  • Explore relevant questions and problems in a real world context;
  • Communicate with the school’s city learning experts who challenge their thinking;
  • Harness opportunities provided by the school’s City Learning Partners;
  • Serve “hand to hand” and “face to face” people in real need; and
  • Imagine future possibilities available to learners who persist.

City Learning Partnerships

The school has established ongoing relationships with organisations in the city and has designed relevant learning opportunities that link to these organisations.



City Learning Experts

Students are able to interact and learn from the expertise of a number of individuals who work in the city due to our proximity to each other within the city.


City Learning Spaces

The city operates as a seamless extension of our school campus, with our students able to move to and from many city learning spaces during the course of a lesson.

Preparation for life

Coeducation is the most natural form of learning – in the outside world, university and the workforce, life is not separated by gender. To give students the best (and most realistic, well-balanced) approach to life, SACS believes they must learn to work with the other gender. St Andrew’s, once an all-boys school, is now fully coeducational from Kindergarten to Year 12. The benefits are not only academic, but social: enabling students to mix confidently with the other gender, minimise the excesses of each sex (cattiness or macho qualities) and break down stereotypes of what qualities equate to manhood or womanhood.


Acceptance and tolerance of a myriad of gender qualities abound in schools which celebrate gender differences and facilitate them to learn in a safe, supervised environment together.

Dr Judith Gill, Senior Lecturer in Education at the University of South Australia and acknowledged Australian expert on gender issues in education, commented that “once the factors of ability and socio-economic background are taken into account, there is no empirical evidence to support the belief that in single sex schools girls do better than their counterparts in co-educational schools in terms of personal confidence or academic success, including the key subjects of English, Maths, Science and Technology”.

A genuinely supportive community

As an Anglican school, SACS follows an authentically Christian practice of education. Christian values are embedded in all aspects of daily life – honesty, integrity, humility and respect are key to ensuring the richness of relationships at SACS. While SACS is grounded in a Christian worldview, we welcome students of all different faiths and non-faith alike. We encourage intellectual critique and debate in a nurturing environment, which allows students to explore the possibilities of faith without forcing commitment.

If you – or your child – are looking for a modern, relational school that embraces the individual, it might be a good time to consider enrolling and ensure the best start in life. 

Want to learn about St Andrew’s Cathedral School’s rich heritage? Download the PDF below. 

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